Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I am a lover of Rasant Thread.

What sort of thread is your go to thread for sewing? Does your sewing machine love your thread? Does it cause lint in your bobbin case?

Well, for me; when I am sewing, whether it be piecing blocks, sewing seams, mending, or of course what I love machine applique. I use Rasant 120 Threads. and no I do not get sponsored by them.

I love it because, my machine sews beautiful with it, it is strong and I have no breakages and hardly any lint in my bobbin case. The main colour I use is the natural colour, Number 3000;

A little bit more about Rasant 120:
                It is made by the German company "Amann"
                It is a cotton covered polyester core thread.
                282 colours in the range
                Tex ; 24
                Needle size; 70-80 and comes in 1000m reels.

Note: Tex means the thickness of the thread. The higher the count in tex is, the coarser the thread is. The lower the count in tex is the finer the thread.

So the moral to the story is, try Rasant 120 ... I think you will love it... :)

What thread is your go to thread for sewing?

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