Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lavender Flow, Nadene's 40th Birthday Quilt

I have always loved to make presents for friends and family. So it is my sister in law Nadene's 40th birthday so of course I thought I would make her a quilt..... I didnt want a traditional quilt for Nadene. I had the book Layered Waves, by Karen Eckmeier and have wanted  to make a quilt from it, for a very long time... it was in my to do list.... as we all have them....

This was my inspiration for the quilt I made.

So I found out Nadene's favourite colour was lavender.... so the quilt was started... I bought 9 half yards of various purple batik fabrics... and started cutting using karen's layering and topstitchng techniques.


And once I got the hang of how to cut, fold and sew, I made 11 different waves... I then placed them on my white work out the best way.... I made a few extra small waves to fill in the big white spaces.....

I then decided to make a curved border..... easier then you think, with Karen's methods... and Tadah.... Nadene;s quilt is ready ready for quilting.... Cosidering this is not the type of quilt I would usually make.... I ma pretty happy.... I hope Nadene likes it..... that is the main thing.... he he

cheers Janeene

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Hooterville Wall Hanging

I attended a Wendy Williams Workshop at my local quilt store My Patch Fabrics and she taught us some of the techniques for her quilt design called Hooterville, which is a wool felt applique. The one to the right is Wendy's...... Love It!!!!!!

After the workshop... yes I was a bit slack and hadn't completed any more of the quilt.... But woohoo got my act together in the last couple of weeks and made the leaves and flower heads. So last night I started to  embroider the pieces onto the background.... I did change my background colour to Dark Blue and Sky Blue.......... and I was a little bit excited with how it was looking.... so the progress so far.....

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Quilters Block Swap No.3

I am up to my third block swap... This was was going to Kathy in Victoria..... She wanted me to make a Twisted Block in
greens, like muted limes with highlight of aqua  or Burnt Orange/ Rust / Brown with a highlight of cream or ivory. So I chose to do a burnt orange twisted Block in Batik Fabric.... I do have a collection of them... he he.. TadAh.....I hope Kathy LIkes it...
cheers janeene