Saturday, 31 December 2016

I do like a list! .... with free 2017 planner printables

I'll confess I love lists.... I use them for everything... So as 2017 is just about to begin I designed some planners to help me.... And I thought you might like them too.

My first thing I like to keep track of is; What is coming up during the year... So I designed a "Year at a Glance" planner. This allows me to see what I am doing and some important dates.

The next thing I wanted to plan is my week.... I find that if on Monday morning I plan what I need to do, including work and home commitments I am much better organised. I even have a section for emails; txts and calls I need to make.... I don't know about you my memory gets exhausted and I am always forgetting things... I have been writing these things down in a diary over the past year which has really helped .... but sometimes I need just a bit more room...

Finally, I am always thinking of new things I want to make .... again I needed a list so I didn't forget my ideas... So I can write them down easily and keep them in one place! This includes not only sewing ideas but craft, graphic design and gardening ideas.

I have printed them out and a put them in a display folder with plastic sleeves. A little more up market one than your normal one... But it makes my lists easy to get to and write on... 

Here is a link to my website where you can click on the free 2017 planner printable to download for free... 

So I hope this helps my year start being super organised and I hope you like them to.... 2017 is going to be great one!

Happy Creating.