Thursday, 28 January 2016

You need this great photo app! SuperPhoto .... It's awesome!

 Whilst I love sewing I just LOVE anything creative... This also extends to my computer. So here is a little app I have found... Thanks to my brother in law 😁..... And it is ridiculously cool, easy to use and it's free! It's called... Drum roll... SuperPhoto

You simply upload a photo from your gallery/library and play with the awesome effects. Yes it works on both apple and android gadgets . 

Here are some photos I have used and effects. You will see that the painting effect and cartoonize is my favourite. It works great for portraits, pics of your quilts and even your colouring (well my beautiful daughters) 

Hope you love playing with it... 

Happy creating 
Janeene xxx

Monday, 18 January 2016

Sew a love heart cushion for your Valentine.... oh and FREE postage

In our family we call Valentines Day... Love Day... its about our family... we don't do cards or bought gifts but we might make a special gift or even a yummy Chocolate cake for all to share!

Do you want to make something special for your Valentine? Here are some great options.... I have designed some beautiful applique cushions that symbolise love! Head over to my passionately sewn website and enjoy free postage on all patterns until Valentines Day!

PS008 my love heart cushion
PS009 my lovebirds cushion

PS045 my singing love bird

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Its been a very busy year - review of 2015

Well its been a very busy year of creation for my business as well as having some of the happiest family times. I am truly very lucky.

I started the year with creating two quilts for the kids issue of Quiltmania.. These were commissioned when I attended the 2014 Houston Fall Quilt Market. Let me tell you to create two quilts that have a specific request really tested by creative brain. This is not how I usually create.. But anywho I was very happy with the result... and yes one of them was on the front cover. Woo Hoo.

Part of my creative life includes working with Valerie Gautier from My Patch Fabrics. Val is not only is a great friend, I also help her out at various craft shows and of course she stocks my patterns.... so its always a great place if you want to see my quilts in the flesh ! 

So from these shows and talking to lots of wonderful sewers and quilters I published a little mini book... called My Machine Applique..It has lots of tips and tricks to get your machine applique to sing! I go through how to use zigzag, blanket stitch, decorative stitch and raw edge free motion applique. I have included some little sewing cards for showing needle pivoting placement which really helps if you are struggling with your machine applique. It also includes a free cushion pattern to practice your machine applique. 

In between all these things I also did a little bit of graphic design work for Paulines Quilters World and of My Patch Fabrics....... Whilst I love sewing, for me I love all things creative and this includes using the computer. Its a new skill I am learning and I love it. 

September was lucky me time and we all went on a family cruise with some great friends. It was time to relax and focus just on the family. There is nothing like having your passion being your business but you must remember your family. 

There is nothing like finishing your year off with going to Houston USA to attend the Fall International Quilt Market and the International Quilt Festival. And ... of course I put the pressure on by finishing five brand new quilts, 2 new bags and ..... tadah... 3 new clothes patterns. This was my second year at Quilt market and I really wanted to show that I wasn't a one show wonder. So lucky me .... mmmm apart from not having my patterns turn up until 2 hours before Quilt Festival.... I had two great shows with loads of wonderful opportunities. I met some wonderful people and lookout 2016! who knows what Ill be doing!

To finish off the year I have started to learn to ride a horse... properly! he he. I grew up riding a horse on our farm but didn't realise the techniques required to ride well. My daughter has been learning to ride for a number of years and I decided I also wanted to learn. From this I purchased my new horse Jordie to do this... I had my first lesson just before Christmas and let me tell you I used muscles in my legs I didn't think existed.. he he.. 
So this year will see both my daughter and I compete in our first dressage competition. 

Finally a wonderful Christmas with all our family... we only have a small one but we don't get together too often. We had a wonderful day with everyone at home.. And of course we had a magic moment of seeing a rainbow around the sun! Have you ever see one? 

What a great way to end 2015.... 
Lookout 2016 here I come!