Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Quilt Basting - using Quilt Basting Spray = no more puckers!

There is nothing worse than when you have pinned and stretched your quilt and when you have finished sewing it and turn your quilt over there are puckers underneath... I absolutely hate that...

So a number of years ago I was taught how to use quilt basting spray to spray baste my quilts.... And I have been  pucker free since... Yay!!

So I have made a short video on how I use it.... Yes there are a lot of ways to use it and a lot of different sprays out there... I only use Helmar 101 as I get the best results... This is now the only method I use for basting my quilt for using a sit down machine...

Happy Sewing

Friday, 26 January 2018

It’s a new year... Lets make 2018 a GREAT one!

Well, January is certainly underway... actually its nearly over!..... and I have been trying to get myself organised for 2018...

So of course a time for some reflection for 2017... for my beautiful family it has been a very up and down year... My husband unexpectedly lost his beautiful mum and he also had to have a number of surgeries... that obviously takes a toll on the whole family... so in that regards we were certainly happy to see then end of 2017........  we did have happy times , a great family camping trip to Fraser Island, a trip to Bali with some wonderful sewing friends.... Oh and I also turned 50...... Yay!

I then thought about my own personal / work goals for 2017...... I honestly felt it had been a very unproductive year... But then I found some goals that I had written out for the end of 2017.... yes using my printables....... and I was pleasantly surprised... I actually achieved most of them.... I started teaching workshops using my own patterns.... (I have previously taught sewing but it was for the wonderful patchwork shop I was working for) and I loved it... I grew my graphic / web design part of my business... yay and personally I have worked on being healthier and consistently riding my horse up to the point that I entered my first horse trial event and completed it... Woo hoo!

So now its 2018, last year I designed some printables for making goals and breaking that down for lists for the week and months.... I don't know about you but I love a list and it helps me a lot to keep on track.... I have attached my printables that I designed with a few updates... the main one being my projects at a glance... Click HERE to download your own printables.

I have filled out my project list so I know exactly what needs to be finished and yes I have written down my new yearly goals for both my business and personal life..... lets see how we go... Let’s make 2018 a great one!

Happy Sewing,