Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas presents No 1 - fabric pot holders

I have always made Christmas presents for friends and family since I can remember. This year I have been very productive and quite proud of myself.
So over the next few days I will show you what I have made.
For two of my close friends Rachel and Val we have exchanged sewn presents for each other.
I found this pattern out of the book "Zakka Style" I just love the whole linen / fabric thing. So I made three sets of these funky pot holders. It's a great way to use your scraps. And I machine quilted the phrase "love eat live" in the middle. Hope they like them. He he I also made a set for me, I just couldn't resist them!!

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  1. And where did you score those scraps from, Ms. PassionatelySewn? :)

    Was lovely spending time with you last night and I love my STRAP! Thank you so much.