Saturday, 8 December 2012

PS020 my kimono girls quilt

At the Melbourne AQM I showcased 3 new quilt patterns that I had been working hard on. I wanted to share one of them with you..... PS020 my kimono girls quilt.
I love oriental fabrics and over the years have made a number of quilts and projects using them. I love the colours and vibrancy of the fabric. So of course it was a no brainer to make a quilt using oriental fabrics. Although the pattern does lend itself to any fabrics you wish to substitute.

There are three panels to my kimono girls the first panel is the appliqued kimono girls, with different kimonos and hair. The girls are large so it makes them easy to put together ie.. no fiddly pieces. It also allows you to see your beautiful fabric. I do think they a very cute, I hope you like them too. They are appliqued using fast to fuse techniques and machine blanket stitched but you could zigzag on your sewing machine or if you like you could hand blanket stitch. I have included how to do this in the pattern for this quilt.

The top panel is a pieced panel using gold oriental fabric in different tones from light to dark. I have then appliqued a cherry blossom branch and flowers in this pieced section. The branch is machine appliqued and very easy to do.

The bottom panel is a pieced panel, again using different oriental fabrics and with the flower blossoms floating through the panel.

Finally a put a gold border around the outside to frame the quilt. I really enjoyed designing and making this quilt I hope you do too.



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