Monday, 16 July 2012

Wedding Quilt

Hi, I have been in Queensland for the past week with friends and of course family. It was the first time I had been on a multiple family holiday ie. "Griswalds". We had a great time and did ALL the Theme Parks. I did not get any sewing in so, being my first day at home I HAD to do some sewing. Anyhoo....
Mr D and I got married last year and for memory of that wonderful day I wanted a Wedding Quilt. I designed an applique tree and fused it onto the background. I made a template and cut out about 60 leaves and made a flower template and cut out about 60 petals. Fabric used for this is a range of Batiks.

During the reception I had the leaves and petals out and asked ALL the guests to sign them... Thanks to my wonderful friend Robyn, who made sure this got done....

Anyhow; since being away... I wanted to get started on completing my wedding quilt. I had previously designed the birds (which represent my wonderful husband Mr D and myself). I had even chosen the fabrics, so this afternoon I finally traced and fused the birds onto the tree. I do love it!!!!

Next step will be designing a bird for daughter Miss J and fuse the leaves and flowers onto the branches. I will then raw edge applique the flowers and leaves onto the quilt. But that is for tomorrow.....

P.S. did you notice my pics.... my friend Miss L showed me the app called frametastic for my Iphone.... I love it... he he

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