Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Vanessa's IPad bag

We have gone away camping for a couple of months. So before I left I had a few weeks of furious sewing for birthday's, new Passionately Sewn patterns and things that were on my to do list. Yes I am a fan of lists.
So my sister in law wanted a bag to fit her iPad, some books and other things. And she wanted the colour purple.

How hard is it to find really nice, grown up purple fabric? Let me know if you have found some!

So using my own iPad, to measure the size, decided that a full zipper internal pocket would be the go. Plus another small zipped pocket on the other side. Vanessa's other request was cane handles.

So I finally decided to use batik fabric in stripes. My bag has a side and bottom gusset as well...

Here it is, and she loves it. I've decided it will be a Passionately Sewn pattern, but that will have to wait until I'm home.

Hope you like it!!

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