Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lavender Flow, Nadene's 40th Birthday Quilt

I have always loved to make presents for friends and family. So it is my sister in law Nadene's 40th birthday so of course I thought I would make her a quilt..... I didnt want a traditional quilt for Nadene. I had the book Layered Waves, by Karen Eckmeier and have wanted  to make a quilt from it, for a very long time... it was in my to do list.... as we all have them....

This was my inspiration for the quilt I made.

So I found out Nadene's favourite colour was lavender.... so the quilt was started... I bought 9 half yards of various purple batik fabrics... and started cutting using karen's layering and topstitchng techniques.


And once I got the hang of how to cut, fold and sew, I made 11 different waves... I then placed them on my white work out the best way.... I made a few extra small waves to fill in the big white spaces.....

I then decided to make a curved border..... easier then you think, with Karen's methods... and Tadah.... Nadene;s quilt is ready ready for quilting.... Cosidering this is not the type of quilt I would usually make.... I ma pretty happy.... I hope Nadene likes it..... that is the main thing.... he he

cheers Janeene

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