Monday, 21 May 2012

Lamp recovering workshop.

Okay.... I have a confession..... Well... As you would know by reading my blog title I LOVE sewing.... but I must confess.... that I am actually a lover of craft as well.... he he... oh and beautiful fabric.......

Anywho... I had a great day today, went to a lamp recovering workshop at my friend Vals, Patchwork shop in Milton (you know My Patch).... Val can recover and make lampshades, now that is a crafty skill. So I went along to today hoping to learn a new crafty skill...

It was so fantastic that I forgot to take a before picture.... But I did take an after..... I hope you like it, I used a Phillip Jacobs fabric in some of my favourite colours... I must say it looks alot better than the daggy old black one... he he

Thats me on the right and Judy and Bronwyn with their lamp recovering sensations!!

My new lampshade... I love the colours!!

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